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  • History of bassange people by Ndagi Abdullahi

    The Bassange didn’t migrate out of KinNupe in one fell swoop or in a single exodus. It was simply a continuous stream of refugees fleeing the wars within KinNupe. Though there were documented instances of large collection of families leaving Gbara, the capital city of the Eastern Nupe kingdom under late Etsu Jimada, en masse […]

  • History of Gwari/gbagyi people by Ndagi Abdullahi

    According to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia the Gwari race is made up of two main people, namely, the Gbagyi and the Gbari. The Gbagyi, also called the Gwari Matai or East Gwari constituted 65% of the Gwari population while the Gbari, also called the Gwari Yamma or West Gwari, constituted 35% of the population of Gwari […]

  • Origin Of Nupe Day

    ORIGIN OF THE NUPE DAY FESTIVAL This article is in celebration of the annual The 26th of June is celebrated every year as the Nupe Day as it marks the only day, in the entire history of imperial Great Britain, on which the almighty British Army was decisively defeated by a native African army. On […]

  • Shonga The First Printing Press In Nigeria

    SHONGA: THE FIRST PRINTING PRESS IN NIGERIA The first printing press in Nigeria was the Niger Press which was established at the Nupe town of Tsonga, Kwara State, by Reverend A.W. Banfield. It was in 1909 that Reverend Banfield, then a Canadian missionary based at Tsonga, ordered for a printing machine all the way from […]

  • Islam In nupeland

    ISLAM IN KINNUPE The story of Islam in KinNupe had been deliberately distorted by Colonial historians to their imperialist advantages. The unfortunate problem here, however, is that post-Independen ce historians of Nigeria have continued to peddle the nonsense the Colonialists have spurned as the history of Islam in KinNupe and in Nigeria in general. Very […]

  • The Real Name Of Tsoede Nupe founder

    THE TRUE NAME OF TSOEDE There were several founders and refounders of the Nupe Nation in prehistory. The last of these founders is known to us today as Tsoede. The name Tsoede is, however, an English corruption of the original Nupe name ‘Tsudi. But Tsudi is itself not a proper name, it is simply a […]

  • List of Emir Of Lapai Successor

    EMIRS OF LAPAI IN SUCCESSION. 1.Etsu UMARU DAUDU MAZA, The founder and first emir of Lapai. He reigned btw (1825- 1832). 2. ETSU YUNUSA, a brother to daudu maza succeeded him and became d 2nd emir of Lapai. He reigned for 6 years. 3.ETSU ALHASSAN BAJI YADEDE, Also a brother to daudu maza succeeded him […]

  • Lagos Was Founded By Nupencizhi