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  • Top 10 Entertainment Blogs In Arewa

    10 Top Blogs In Arewa (Northern Nigeria)You Should Visit and Lessons For You 2019 Blogging is a powerful tool that can empower people and give them a command in their field.In blogging, some set of people have set themselves committed to their blog which has made them a force to reckon with in blogging. The […]

  • Dj Zubis And Prince Mk Who is Better Singer ?

    Between Dj Zubis And Prince Mk Who Do You Think Is A Better Singer? For some years now, these two talented artistes have been making consistent hits back to back, several people are arguing about who’s better, but I want us to settle it here in Nupemelody. All we have to do here is vote […]

  • Check Out Is wrestling real or fake ?

    Today, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a popular show on television. It’s a bunch ofawesome series full of great wrestling skills,wonderful entertainment, and memorableinspiring moments. This is also a T.V show that makes people wonder and get deeply involved which makes them ask, “Is it real?”, or “Is itfake?” Because of the love people have […]

  • Top 10 Motivated Songs In Arewa

    Top 10 Songs to Get You Motivated Sometimes, we all need a little motivation. Having a high level of drive can help us accomplish our goals as well as lead a happier and more productive life. Sometimes, finding the motivation to get things done can be hard. Listening to a good song can re-energize you […]

  • List of Emir Of Lapai Successor

    EMIRS OF LAPAI IN SUCCESSION. 1.Etsu UMARU DAUDU MAZA, The founder and first emir of Lapai. He reigned btw (1825- 1832). 2. ETSU YUNUSA, a brother to daudu maza succeeded him and became d 2nd emir of Lapai. He reigned for 6 years. 3.ETSU ALHASSAN BAJI YADEDE, Also a brother to daudu maza succeeded him […]

  • List of Tribes In nigeria

    There are many tribes in Nigeria. You can check the list below for the tribes. Hausa Igbo Yoruba Abana Abayon Abua Achipa Adim Adun Affade Afizere Afo Agbo Akaju-Ndem Akweya yachi Alago Amo Anaguta Anang Andoni Angas Ankwei Anyima Attakar Auyoka Awori Ayu Babur Bachama Bachere Bada Bade Bahumono Bakuluing Bali Bambora Bambuko Banada Banka […]

  • Top 10 Longest Bridge In The word

    10 Longest Bridges in The world Architecture has never failed to inspire me, in fact, I thought about it as a career once. This particular list follows ten of the world’s longest bridges. The mere structures are something to admire. Building these huge structures must have been a great deal of pain for the workers […]