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  • 10 Rappers Accused of Being in The Illuminate

    Top 10 Rappers Accused of Being In The Illuminati. 1.JAY Z JAY Z has long been rumored to be a top member of the Illuminati, and conspirators point to symbolism as proof, specifically his affinity for throwing up the Roc, which they claim is actually the Eye of Providence, the all-seeing pyramid associated with the […]

  • 20 Most Dangerous country’s To Live In 2019

    20Most dangerous Country’s to live, 2019 1. Brazil2. South Africa3. Nigeria4. Argentina5. India6. Peru7. Kenya8. Ukraine9. Turkey10. Colombia11. Mexico12. UK13. Egypt14. Philippines15. Italy16. US17. Indonesia18. Greece19. Kuwait20. Thailand

  • Top 10 Strongest currency in Africa

    TOP 10 STRONGRST CURRENCIES IN AFRICA 2019 Based on their exchange rate to the dollar and their purchasing power, the currencies below are the strongest in Africa. 1. Libyan Dinar (1$= 1.40 l.dinar)Based on its exchange rate to the dollar, the Libyan dinar is Africa’s strongest currency despite the fact that the country has been […]

  • Top 10 weakest currency in Africa

    Top 10 Weakest Currencies in Africa 2019 Are you interested in knowing the weakest currencies in Africa? If yes, you just arrived at the right place. Most people know South Africa Rand and Libya Dinar as some of the strongest currencies in Africa but ask them about the weakest and they can’t find their tongue. […]

  • Must Read: 10 Fact About Nigeria Hunger

    Nigeria is one of many food-deficient countries in Africa, and its alarming hunger statistics are tied with high levels of conflict that have plagued the region surrounding Nigeria for years. A food crisis such as Nigeria’s causes distressing levels of stunting in children and is correlated with high rates of poverty. The following are the […]

  • Top 10 Richest African Footballer in 2019

    Top 10 richest African footballers in 2019 Football is a game liked all across the world but Africans have a special love for this game. Football was introduced to the continent about 100 years back by British, French, Belgian and Portuguese colonialists. What makes this game so popular in Africa is its accessibility. Unlike other […]

  • Top 10 Best Rappers in Africa

    It our pleasure to Bring You The list of Top 10 Hottest rapper in African . The Africa entertainment industry has grown massively over the years. Africa songs are now played around the world courtesy of some of the Rappers on this list. The Rappers on this list sell out events and arenas around the […]

  • Top 10 First Class Traditional rulers in Nigeria 2019

    Nigerian First-Class Traditional Rulers Hello Welecom To Nupemelody Today we have come up with List of Top 10 First Class Traditional Rulers In Nigeria . The Top 10 Traditional rulers we list here are recommended as most powerful Kings In Nigeria 2019. Power over a Region and Tribe are consider To Rank Firs class traditional […]

  • Talz zone: Who do you Think is best Music Producer in Nupe music industry

    Wellecome To Nupemelody,Today Let Talk about Who do you think is Best music Producer in Nupe Land . Few Month back we look in to Nupe music Fetch out Musicians and compared Who is The best singer, Check out: Who is best singer between DJ zubis and prince Mk ? We should all take a […]

  • Top 10 Music Producers In Arewa

    Top 10 Finest & Best Music Producers In Arewa 2019 Arewa artists has gone international andglobal,but what makes a good song?What actually makes a song to be a massivehit? Is it the beat of the song? Or the lyricalcontent of the song? Or perhaps its justluck,well whatever your guess maybe,it doesn’tchange the fact that music […]