Palmpay POS Price: How To Get It

This article is created to share interesting information regarding Palmpay POS machine Price in Nigeria. In this article i will share other interesting information regarding Palmpay Pos Machine.

Firstly the term P O S mean ( Point Of Sale ). The P O S business is one of lucrative business people in Nigeria engage most in this era. Why is because P O S business is profitable with low risk.

From Observation alot of people out there have it in mind to join people that already engaged in P O S business, but don’t know how to get P O S Machine and Price.

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Without waste much time i will provide you simple guidelines how to get Palmpay P O S Machine and how much it cost.

How To Get Palmpay P O S Machine

To get palmpay P O S Machine doesn’t require much. Follow this article as i share documents require to get Palmpay P O S Machine.

Document Required

1. A verified identification card (either nationwide ID card, Voters card or your international passport)

2. Utility invoice (Nepa bill)

3. Your business license (For registered companies solely)

4. Your bank verification number (BVN)

5. You bank account number

6. And your Passport {photograph}

Palmpay P O S Machine Price

For already palmpay users that is eligible to have P O S machine can get Palmpay traditional Machine at rate of N20,000 while Palmpay Android P O S machine is N40,000.

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