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Ummi Rahab Biography And Net Worth, Age, Husband

Ummi Rahab Biography

Ummi Rahab ( 7 April, 2003 ), She is one of kannywood actress who started acting from her teenage age to adult, she was born in Kaduna state, Nigeria

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Ummi Rahab Profile

Full Name: Ummi Rahab
Date Of Birth: 7 April 2003
Place Of Birth: Kaduna State
Nationality/Country: Nigeria
Job/Occupation: Actress
Origin/Ethinc/Tribe: Hausa
Religion: Muslim
Education: non graduate
Marital Status: Single
Marriage Date: Updating
Husband: Sammani AA
Net Worth: unknown
Phone Number: Unknown

Ummi Rahab Father

Ummi Rahad, she is a daughter to popular kannywood actor Adam A zango

Ummi Rahab Age

Ummi Rahab was born in April 7, 2003 in Kaduna state, Nigeria

Ummi Rahab Husband

Ummi Rahab recently post her engagement picture with her husband, which is one of the kannywood actor / singer with name “Sammani AA”

Ummi Rahab Filmography

Below are some of movie Ummi Rahab was features

• Takwara Ummi

•Farin Wata and lot more

Ummi Rahab Net worth

According to Unknow source ummi rahab Net Worth is totally estimated as unknown


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