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biography of splendid, splendid biography

Bamaiyi Abel Titus popularly known as SPLENDID. A Rapper from northern Nigeria born on 11/02/2001 born in Yelwan makaranta Bauchi State started his music career in the year 2014.Born into the family of late Mr Abel Titus He is the third born and only male child in the family he has two elder sisters and one junior Sister.Splendid Abel is an Eloquent Hausa Rapper and also an upcoming artist from the north And Unsign Artist


Splendid started his music career in the year 2014 at age of 13 with a lady called CHIBLEX

Splendid is from Bogoro Local government area in bauchi state he is Zaar Sayawa by tribe he is a God fearing type an also a Christian by religion

According to Splendid he said he has about 30 songs including his single tracks and featured ones


Splendid has no album, but he is working on it

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