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Mubarak Abdulkarim (born 13 Sept 1995) Mubarak Abdulkarim popularly known as Mr442 is a Nigerian afro-pop recording artist and entrepreneur. He was born and brought up in the northern part of Nigeria (Zaria). Mr442 studied sociology at the American University of Adonai Benin republic. He rose to prominence after dropping a controversial hit song titled zindir. In that song, he proclaimed his love and admiration for Kennywood's superstar Maryam booth.

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Mr442 is sometimes called the Northern Naira Marley but he is way beyond that. His goal is to take his music which is deeply rooted in the North mixed with western culture due to his exposure to every household in Nigeria, Africa. and across the world. He brings a different type of sound to the music industry. He has worked with artists such as Korede Bello, Lily Frosh, Zinolesky, Teeswagg, DJ Ab, and many more.

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