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Nomiis Gee biography and net worth

Amina Abba umar (born in kano), professional know as Nomiia Gee. He is rapper/Singer and song writer based in kano state, he is also arewa 24 and zafafa 10 presenter and was refer as Arewa ambassador.

Nomiis Gee is a graduate of mass communication from Bayero university kano. Nomiis Gee has released many singles which include BUK TOWN, BASU FEELINGS, DUNIYA INA ZAMUJE, ANCHIKULE, ARAB MONEY, YOUNG ALHAJI.

Nomiis gee biography and net worth, nomiis gee award and nomination

Nomiis Gee has so far worked with notable producers like Lt. John, Don Adda, T-Klex, Kast, KefaZz Simple Touch just to mention a few. His video projects have been directed by notable names like Bobby Hai, Mr Dmej among others.

He has performed alongside notable names in the industry like PSquare, Ruggedman, Styl-Plus, Morell, Adu Deme just to mention a few.

Nomiis Gee Award

He won Best Artist of the year at City Peoples Music Award.

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