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Teeswagg biography and net worth, phone number, Age, Album, Tribe,

Biography of Teeswag

Abdul Raman usman patigi also know as Teeswag was born in tudun nupawa Kaduna, Raised in Kaduna state. Attend his primary and secondary school in Kaduna state, Nigeria. He is computer scientist ,he signed to Yaran North Side (YNS), Teeswag is among Top 10 most followers Hausa rapper in Instagram.

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Teeswag Music Career

Teeswag started music since from early age and he was inspired by The Nigeria super star Wizkid because he his hustle was real. He get recognition from North since when he released "Wabab" in 2015 which go round the all north. He was also "features in YNS Cypher in 2019 and 2020. But sadly he was out of YNS cypher 2021 due to Unknown issue on ground which give Fans thought in different view, and Teeswag use his social to tweet about the issue said.
"if you did not see me in any cypher that mean then can't afford me.

Teeswag was also features by many underground rapper in north and he was among 10 most features artist 2019 .he share same stage with DJ ab, feezy, and many other in rapper in north.

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Teeswag Net worth

Teeswag net worth is currently not available now but I will update this article when I have information about Teeswag net worth.

Teeswag Tribe


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