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Biography of Kheengz _ YFK & Net Worth

Biography Of Kheengz

Kheengz is a Nigeria rapper and songwriter (born in 1993) in Zaria. Hails in bida. Attend his both primary and secondary school in bida. And move to hold his Diploma in Civil Engineering at The Federal polytechnic bida. And latter to further to his degree program at Ahmadu bello university Zaria ( ABU Zaria ).

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Kheengz was regarded as one of the pioneers of hausa rap with his silky smooth vocal texture, interesting lyrics and technique


Kheengz started his music from Early age and have passion for music,and started recording in school and release Foloko sakun in Nupe hip hop style. Since then kheengz get recognition from Niger state and kwara ,Kogi because the song has knock every door in bida and other nupe town.

in 2013 kheengz released Colleges kit mix tape and released voice of Arewa vol.1 (VOA vlo.1) in 2015. Kheengz also released pedestal E.P in 2016 and last released voice of Arewa vol.2 (VOA vol.2) in 2020.

Kheengz was features in North cypher "Ba ruwamu hater" alongside morell, b.o.c madaki, DJ ab, classiq,

Kheengz freestyle "I'm North" was give to student as project topic in 2018 at Ahmadu bello university Zaria, and also "Almajari" was recommended by many people in North as kheengz show Child abuse in music video.

Kheengz was features in many songs mention but few among, Dani da gayuna by Chackson, Azubashi by DJ ab, and many more.

Kheengz Net worth

Kheengz net worth currently is not available but I will update this article when I have information about kheengz net worth.

Kheengz Tribe


Kheengz Age

Kheengz was born in 1993

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