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Muhammad Talaso || Young Ethical Hacker

Wellocome to Nupemelody ,

Name: Muhammad Suleiman

Town: Bachaka Kebbi State Nigeria

Experience Ethical Hacking, Computer programming, Computer Guru , Flashing, Mobile Software solution, Tech support at Gsm

Age: 21

Nickname: Talaso

Muhammad Suleiman is a young hackers from Kebbi State Arewa local government:

This young boy Render Service as follow:

🔰Flashing tools

🔰Pentesting tools

🔰 Teaching Ethical Hacking

🔰 Teaching flashing

🔰 Online services

🔰Selling computer software

🔰 Technical support

if You wish to Learn all This you can contact him on whatsapp

Contact only at WhatsApp number: 07017195212

If you are thinking you have a basic knowledge of internet security? You have to think again

Althought There are skilled and Professional hackers out there who could get past pretty much anything you choose to put in their way.

Not only are these hackers fiendishly clever, he is also inventive and constantly invent new ways of getting past security protocols.

Whatever you and your server do to protect yourselves, Muhammad Bachaka is always one step ahead. Be happy then he is most skilled of them choose to concentrate on To Teach you How to Become ethical Hacking, Flashing, Etc .

Feel free to contact Him if you need Any of his services

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