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Lagos Was Founded By Nupencizhi


Who is founder of lagos state,Nupenchizhi></h2>
<p>The famous but late <b>Sheikh Adam Al-Ilory </b> wrote in his book<b> Mujiz Tarikh Nigeria</b> that Lagos was founded by the Nupe people and that Lagos was originally a Nupe settlement. <p><b>Lady Flora Shaw</b> also wrote that <b>Lagos</b> was founded as a Nupe
colony by the ancient Nupeko Kororofa people.
<p><b>Even Professor S.F. Nadel</b> admitted that Lagos was dominated by<b> Nupe communities</b> as far back as the 16th century.
<p>The Former Minister Femi Okunnu also in a
recent interview stated that Lagos was
established by Nupe people from KinNupe.
<p><b>Sir Richard Burton</b> was told by the Yoruba people in the 1860s that Lagos was originally known as Awini or Awbini or Bini in reference to the fact that Lagos began as a Bini Nupe settlement. 
<p>And the world renown British journalist and editor, Kaye Whiteman, wrote that almost all the
Northerners identified as the ‘Hausa’ population
of Lagos are actually of Nupe ancestry.
<p>Most of us are today not aware of the fact that the local name of Lagos as Eko was derived
from Ekorodu or Ikorodu which is a Middle Nupe
compound word of Koro and Edu meaning ‘river’
and ‘sea’ respectively in Nupe but having no
meaning whatsoever in Yoruba.
<p><font size=Source ©from the book ‘Etan Mana’ By Ndagi Abdullahi. Jun

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