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The famous but late Sheikh Adam Al-Ilory wrote in his book Mujiz Tarikh Nigeria that Lagos was founded by the Nupe people and that Lagos was originally a Nupe settlement.

Lady Flora Shaw also wrote that Lagos was founded as a Nupe colony by the ancient Nupeko Kororofa people.

Even Professor S.F. Nadel admitted that Lagos was dominated by Nupe communities as far back as the 16th century.

The Former Minister Femi Okunnu also in a recent interview stated that Lagos was established by Nupe people from KinNupe.

Sir Richard Burton was told by the Yoruba people in the 1860s that Lagos was originally known as Awini or Awbini or Bini in reference to the fact that Lagos began as a Bini Nupe settlement.

And the world renown British journalist and editor, Kaye Whiteman, wrote that almost all the Northerners identified as the ‘Hausa’ population of Lagos are actually of Nupe ancestry.

Most of us are today not aware of the fact that the local name of Lagos as Eko was derived from Ekorodu or Ikorodu which is a Middle Nupe compound word of Koro and Edu meaning ‘river’ and ‘sea’ respectively in Nupe but having no meaning whatsoever in Yoruba.

Source ©from the book ‘Etan Mana’ By Ndagi Abdullahi. Jun

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